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About Tantra Massage London

Reading for adults. 

Sensual massage is doubly effective: it allows the mind to win the daily concerns and body to relax. Soft and languid movements of body massage awaken the sensuality and create harmonious contact between the two partners. Not to mention its exotic connotations will spice up your foreplay.

Some rules before you start

Create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sensuality attenuate light and noise, light candles, unplug the phone. Nothing should disturb this moment. Before you begin, take time to relax, breathe slowly to release your body and mind. Sensual massage is indeed a true exchange. It is not a series of gestures mechanical must imbue them with sensuality, a relaxed mind and body are essential.

Use a scented oil or milk massage that will make your caresses even sweeter, some aphrodisiac scents have the power, so choose well your products.