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Before to Book a Tantric Massage, Need to Know

Before To Book A Tantric Massage Need To Know

To start with, tantric massage is a full body massage.

Ideally, tantric massage therapist must be trained in one or few schools of therapeutic massage, because a proper body rub is needed for deep relaxation and as a preparation for the erotic part. The whole body and mind should be relaxed as fully as possible, and this is especially true in our times of everlasting stress and all increasing demands of modern life.

Before to Book a Tantric Massage

A professional tantric massage therapist should be able to feel and consequently relieve all the knots, kinks, tensions and areas of accumulated stress in the client’s body. Tantric massage is not just a few strokes, caresses and erotic provocations. You should receive a proper massage to be able to fully enjoy its sensual component. A professional sensual massage therapist should work through all your muscles first and only then introduce the erotic element into the play.

As it is sensuality oriented, tantric massage is usually performed in the atmosphere of mystery and relaxation. The parlours will have corresponding décor, statues of tantric gods and goddesses around, candles everywhere and exotic music on the background. But even if you are inviting a mobile erotic masseuse to your place, she will bring with her tea light candles and some music playing device to create relaxing ambience and accentuate the intimate nature of the massage.

Shower before and after the tantric massage session is the must for both of you, by the way. If you so fancy, or if parlour or agency owner fancies, there will be a sort f tune-up before the start of the massage. It consists of greeting each other with “Namaste” what literally means “from divine in me to divine in you”, in Sanskrit. Then there are breathing exercises. Breath is considered to be a powerful tool for changing the state of consciousness.

Long, slow, deep breaths allow one to calm, center and let go. Apart of that, certain breathing techniques allow to control and direct own sexual energy, that is deliberately regulating the strength of sexual arousal in order to accumulate more of it. Greater amounts of accumulated sexual energy allow fuller and more intense release – more pleasurable orgasm, in lay man’s terms. Plus, synchronized breath allows partners to tune into each other, sometimes to the degree of feeling sensations and desires of the partner as one’s own.

But this a definitely not a newbie level and as far as we are discussing simplified and commercialized use of tantric massage in London, will not be applicable. We still like to point you towards greater perspective though, just in case you are curious and adventurous explorer. More often than not though, these introductory tantric rituals are omitted and the masseuse will start straight from massaging your body with her hands, gradually introducing body to body massage movements, her touches and caresses becoming more provocative and sexually intended.

Having massaged all of your body, she will massage your manhood as well. There are special techniques to be used for this final part as well, so it all fits nicely into the tantric paradigm. For those who are able to stay passive during the whole tantric massage experience, paying close attention to the sensations arising, the orgasm promises to be big and bright.

To get as much as possible out of erotic massage London session, it is recommended not to interfere with the masseuse’s job, but instead just to relax and go with the flow. With blissful and delightful flow of own sensual unfolding…