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Tantric Massage Services in London

Tantra massage services and all need to awaken your sensuality, exacerbate your senses to eroticize your sex life? Discover where this massage self-surrender opens the doors of pleasure ...

Tantra massage services can be practiced in the privacy of the couple. The origin of tantric massage:
As its name suggests, the tantric massage is one of the rituals taught in tantra, sacred books esoteric leading to a form of Hinduism. It is influenced by ancient traditions both Indian and Chinese. In line with the teachings on tantric sexuality, it is a subtle exchange love.
Today, it is practiced away from the spas and massage centers classics between partners. Its highly erotic making it difficult-if not impossible-to find a therapist.


Tantric massage

Benefits of Tantric Massage Services:

Particularly tantric erotic massage for a first objective body awareness, beyond the control of the mind, far from automatic actions and behaviors of everyday life.
Being physically present to itself, it can be present in the other. This is why it can build a real time two sensual, without intrusive thoughts.

In the Tantric tradition, these movements awaken inspiration for women and the vital forces in humans. Although it can happen any act purely sexual, it is perfect for men and women who need to move their sexual energy to eroticize their relationship.

For followers of this philosophy, tantric massage experience is both sensual and spiritual.